Our Housing Initiative


Our goal is to enrich the quality of life for our community. We revitalize our community by providing tools and knowledge necessary for homeownership. We turn vacant properties into homes and renters into homeowners. We also provide resources for home renovation. Homeownership and renovations increase economic assets and develop a sense of community by building pride, interest and concern for our neighborhoods.

Making Homeowners Dreams Come True.

New Rising Star Community support partnered with other non-profit organizations to help empower the community through the renovation and up keep of homes.


Keys to Homeownership will eliminate the confusion and uncertainty out of the homebuying process. It will get you ready to successfully handle your mortgage obligation. Whatever concerns you about buying a home, we get you ready to own your home.

Who: Anyone looking to own a home
What: Financial Planning and Development
Where: NRS Christian Family Life Center, 7400 London Ave, 35206
When: 12 month program
Why: Homeownership is key to wealth accumulation and stabilizing our community
How: Partner with homebuyer and consumer education programs to help current and future homebuyers understand consumer finance 


HouseBuild supports neighborhood revitalization with owner-occupied affordable single family housing by building new homes and acquiring and rehabbing existing homes in the community for moderate to low income families. 

Who: Anyone looking to own a home
What: Acquire vacant homes and other real estate to build / rehab homes
Where: Eastern area of Birmingham
When: 12 month program
Why: Make homeownership affordable and available for low to moderate income families
How: Turn vacant properties into homes and renters into homeowners


HouseFix supports neighborhood revitalization with affordable housing by providing information to homeowners concerning city, state, federal and other business, church and grant home repair and weatherization, mortgage and financial education programs.

Who: Anyone that owns a home
What: Provide information to homeowners to repair their homes
Where: NRS Christian Family Life Center, 7400 London Ave, 35206
When: October - December
Why: Make the community more liveable
How: Home improvements as stipulated by grant guidelines